- Bali is reopening and ready for you to visit, but there are a few things to note before you take off.
Bali Reopening: Flights and Travel Rules Explained + Top Deals |
- Bali is reopening and ready for you to visit, but there are a few things to note before you take off.
Australians have been itching to get back to Bali. Just 3 months ago they faced disappointment when the Indonesian government announced it was reopening to travellers from some countries excluding Australia.

Speaking at a press conference senior minister Luhut Pandjaitan announced that from 4 February, the ban on international visitors (including Australians) will finally be lifted.

There are some conditions in place, however:

If you're fully vaccinated: You'll need to spend 5 days in self-isolation.
If you're not fully vaccinated: You'll need to complete 7 days of quarantine.

These conditions aside it's a welcome step in the right direction for those who have been waiting to return to the island paradise.

In a recent survey of Jetstar customers, Bali came out on top as the destination most were planning to travel to in the next 12 months beating Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii and Fiji.

If you're prepared to endure the 5-7 days of quarantine for the chance to rediscover Bali or make your first visit, here are all the best deals.


While Bali might be ready for you on 4 February you might need to wait a little longer to get direct flights there.

You'll be able to catch direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne from 1 March and most other cities with direct routes in late March.

Laura Lindsay, consumer travel expert at Skyscanner said, "Known for its surfing, temples, waterfalls and nightlife, this latest announcement will be welcome news for Australian travellers who have been waiting to hear when they can get back to one of their favourite overseas destinations."
"Bali was the top booked overseas destination on Skyscanner for Aussies pre-pandemic and we'd expect that demand to return following further easing of restrictions."

Source: | Published: 02/02/2022


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